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Sunflower Sprouts

written by Amy July 1, 2018
Sunflower Sprouts

Sunflower sprouts are some of my favorite little gems to pick up at the farmers market.

These little gems are nutrition powerhouses. Sunflower sprouts are a great source of protein. Alone they’re a complete protein. In fact, 1/4 cup of sunflower sprouts has 6 grams of protein. Sunflower sprouts are also seen to be one of the most balanced sources of essential amino acids, helping the body repair muscle tissue. They’re also high in iron, which the body is able to absorb with the sprouts’ high vitamin C content.

Along with high levels of vitamin C, sunflower spouts are also full of antioxidants. These vitamins give your body a disease-fighting boost. Even better, they contain a high level of vitamin E, which works with vitamin C and selenium to reduce blood pressure. They’re also high in vitamin B, especially folate. Folate is essential for women who are pregnant to help prevent growing babies from developing neural tube defects. Vitamin B also aids in relieving stress and assists in a pregnant woman’s blood circulation. Zinc is also found in sunflower seeds, which is an important mineral for men in producing healthy fertile sperm.

Sunflower sprouts also contain high levels of fat, but the healthy unsaturated fats full of omegas. These are heart-healthy fats that aid in reducing cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. They’re also important for muscle movement and our blood’s natural ability to clot. Since our body doesn’t make these fats naturally, it’s important that we eat foods rich in them.

I highly recommend finding these from an organic pesticide-free farm from your local farmers market. Shop early to find the best sunflower seeds, but ask the farmer to set them aside so that you can finish your shopping and place the sunflower sprouts on top. You wouldn’t want to crush your nutrient-dense gems.

I particularly like to use my sunflower sprouts in a salad as my protein source, along with sunflower seeds. I also like them on top of breakfast toast varieties for that added crunch and used as a topping on a taco.

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